Volume 1 Art Songs and Arrangements

  • Instrumentation: Voice and Piano
  • Language: English
  • Composer: Dring, Madeleine
  • Editor: Brister, Wanda
  • Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints
  • Copyright Year: 2018
  • Category: Vocal Collection
  • Voice Type: Medium High
  • Num Pages: 64
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Composer: Madeleine Dring (1923-1977)

Title: Previously Unpublished Vocal Works: 

Volume 1: Art Songs and Arrangements

Editor: Wanda Brister

Cover Art by Madeleine Dring


1. Caleno custure me (Shakespeare, Henry V) Irish Song;

Low Voice (Range Bb3 to Bb4)

2. For You and Me (Composer: Ciro Pinsuti arr. Dring) (Eb4 to Ab5)

3. Last Night the Nightingale Woke Me: (Composer: Kjerulf arr. Dring) (F#4 to A#5)

4. Love Lyric (D4 to G5)

5. Love Triumphant (G#2 to D#4) Bass clef

6. Love Was Once a Little Boy (Composer: J. N. Pattison arr. Dring) (Bb3 to G5)

7. My Heart is Like a Singing Bird (Waltz Song) (D4 to B5)

8. O Mistress Mine (C4 to E5)

9. Slumber Song (1st version) (D4 to G5)

10. Slumber Song (2nd version) (Eb4 to Ab5)

11. To Music (F4 to G5)

12. Twas on the Mid-most Day in June (E4 to Ab5)

13. The Voice of Love (Composer: James Hook) (Eb4 to Ab5)

14. What I Fancy, I Approve (A2 to D4) Bass clef

15. Willow Song (Shakespeare) Traditional, arr. Dring (G4 to G5)

Format: 9 x 12

Pages: 68

(c) 2018 Simon Lord

(c) 2018 Wanda Brister

Published by Classical Vocal Reprints 2018

Printed in the U.S.A.

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