Cupboard Love - A One-Act Opera

  • Instrumentation: Voice and Piano
  • Language: English
  • Composer: Dring, Madeleine
  • Editor: Brister, Wanda
  • Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints
  • Copyright Year: 2017
  • Category: Opera
  • Voice Type: Vocal Score
  • Num Pages: 64
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Composer: Madeleine Dring

Libretto: D. F. Aitken

Title: Cupboard Love

One Act Opera (Duration: 25 minutes)

Edited by Wanda Brister

Cast of Characters:

She: (the Wife) - Soprano

He: (the Boyfriend) - Baritone

It: (the Husband, also a Corpse) - Baritone

Madeleine Dring's one-act opera, Cupboard Love, is a hilarious whodunit for three voices, Soprano, two Baritones and Piano. Considering the third voice is "It, also a Corpse," you should know "something is up!" This is a quick-paced show sure to entertain your audiences from teens to grandparents. It is a perfect opera workshop or opera outreach project.

Plot: He and She go to her flat for a rendezvous. They are about to settle in when It comes tumbling out of the cupboard. He thinks She killed It. She thinks He killed It. They discuss the methods by which one might have killed It when suddenly It awakens and tells them he has committed suicide and has FRAMED both of them. Just as It has finished describing his demise, there are knocks at the door. "That's the police now I think...Bless you my children. I'll be seeing you." The police continue to knock as the curtain falls. 

Published by:

Classical Vocal Reprints (c) 2017

corrected edition July 17, 2018

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