44 Art Songs and Spirituals (CN87)

  • Instrumentation: Voice and Piano
  • Language: English
  • Composer: Price, Florence
  • Editor: Heard, Richard
  • Publisher: ClarNan Editions
  • Copyright Year: 2015
  • Category: Songbook
  • Voice Type: Medium High
  • Num Pages: 187
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Composer: Florence Beatrice Price

Title: 44 Art Songs and Spirituals

Editor: Richard Heard

A White Rose (John Boyle O'Reilly) -- An April Day (Joseph Cotter) -- Because (Paul Laurence Dunbar) -- Beside the Sea (Paul Laurence Dunbar) -- Bewilderment (Langston Hughes) -- Dawn's Awakening (James Joseph Burke) -- Death's Gwineter Lay His Cold Icy Hand on Me (Spiritual) -- Feet o' Jesus (Langston Hughes) -- Four Encore Songs: Tobacco (Graham Lee Hemminger) ; A Flea and a Fly (Anonymous) ; "Come, come," said Tom's Father (Thomas Moore) ; Song of the Open Road (Ogden Nash) -- Go Down, Moses (Spiritual) -- God Gives Me You (Nora Connelly) -- Hold Fast to Dreams (Langston Hughes) -- I Grew a Rose (Paul Laurence Dunbar) -- I'm Goin' to Lay Down My Heavy Load (Spiritual) -- Love-in-a-mist (Mary Rolofson Gamble) -- My Little Soul's Goin' to Shine (Spiritual) -- My Neighbor (Paul Laurence Dunbar) -- My Soul's Been Anchored in de Lord (Spiritual) -- Night (Louise C. Wallace) -- Out of the South Blew a Wind (Fannie Carter Woods) -- Resignation (Florence B. Price) -- Rise Mourner (Spiritual) -- Save Me Lord, Save Me (Spiritual) -- Some o' These Days (Spiritual) -- Song to the Dark Virgin (Langston Hughes) -- Sunset (Odessa P. Elder) -- Sympathy (Paul Laurence Dunbar) -- The Glory of the Day Was in Her Face (James Weldon Johnso) -- The Moon Bridge (Mary Rolofson Gamble) -- The Poet and His Song (Paul Laurence Dunbar) -- The Washerwoman (Otto Leland Bohanan) -- To My Little Son (Julia Johnson Davis) -- Travel's End (Mary Folwell Hoisington) -- Trouble Done Come My Way (Florence B. Price) -- Two Traditional Negro Spirituals : I am Bound for the Kingdom ; I'm Workin' on My Buildin' -- We Have Tomorrow (Langston Hughes) -- Weary Traveler (Spiritual) -- What's the Use (Paul Laurence Dunbar) -- Words for a Spiritual ("Capricorn") -- You Won't Find a Man Like Jesus (Spiritual)

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