Pioneer American Composers (Edited by H.V. Milligan) 7 Songs

  • Instrumentation: Voice and Piano
  • Language: English
  • Composer: Anthology, -
  • Editor: Milligan, H. V.
  • Publisher: Arthur P. Schmidt & Co.
  • Copyright Year: 1921
  • Category: Anthology
  • Voice Type: High
  • Num Pages: 35
  • Tags:

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Composers: Victor Pelissier, P. A. von Hagen, Timothy Swan, A. Reinagle, Raynor Taylor, Benjamin Carr.
Voice Type: HIGH Voice and Piano

Edited and Augmented by Harold V. Milligan


1. Return, O Love by Victor Pelissier

2. Monody by P. A. von Hagen

3. The Soldier s Farewell by Timothy Swan

4. I Have a Silent Sorrow by A. Reinagle

5. Cupid and the Shepherd by Raynor Taylor

6. Willow, Willow by Benjamin Carr

7. The Pride of our Plains by P. A. von Hagen

Reprint of Arthur P. Schmidt

Educational Series 256a (1921)

Plate numbers: A. P. S. 12169 a-g 


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