Songs at Parting (Walt Whitman) 8 songs

  • Instrumentation: Voice and Piano
  • Language: English
  • Composer: Bacon, Ernst
  • Editor: N/A, N/A
  • Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints
  • Copyright Year: 1991
  • Category: Collections
  • Voice Type: Voice
  • Num Pages: 24
  • Tags:

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Composer: Ernst Bacon
Voice Type: VOICE and Piano

(Most for Medium voice and one for Medium-High voice)

1. Grand is the Seen (Medium voice)

2. The Last Invocation (Medium voice)

3. Darest Thou Now, O Soul (Medium or Low voice)

4. Twilight (Medium voice)

5. One Thought Ever at the Fore (Medium voice)

6. Joy, Shipmate, Joy! (Medium - High voice) Highest note A-flat

7. Whispers of Heavenly Death (Medium or Low voice)

(most old editions: see note below) This pdf is correct.

8. The Sobbing of the Bells (Medium voice)

 There is a page order mistake in "Whispers of Heavenly Death," which appears in "Songs of Parting."  The middle two pages of the song are the pages numbered 21 and 22 in the collection and should be numbered 19 and 20.  Page 19, which is the last page of the song, would then become page 21.

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